One Night Stand! – Part 6, 7 & 8

NOTE: This is a continuation of the story One Night Stand Part 3,4 and 5. If you didn’t read it, you might have to read it before continuing with this one.)

Part 6

Slowly I unzipped his fly. I could feel his gaze on me. It was intoxicating. His breathing came out as heartfelt sighs. One of his hand had a hard grip on my hair while the other trailed on my neck in an almost choke like move, caressing. I didn’t have anywhere to look but his eyes. I loved his domineering tactics. I could feel myself getting more soaked down there.

His thick erect dick sprang forth- almost like a snake uncoiling. I felt it slap the side of my neck and instinctively, wanted to touch it. “Not so fast sugar, ” Gite growled. “If you want it, you have to beg for it. Now!.” I wanted him so badly. The thought of his pre-cum was like a calling to a man who was thirsty.

“Handsome please, can I just take you into my mouth? I need you right now. I need to taste you. I have waited for days for this. Ever since I saw your big guy down here, it’s all I have thought of. All I have wanked on. Just the thought of it. Please?, ” I pleaded. I was getting more excited than I had ever been. I felt my heart beat exhilarate while I got uncomfortably hot all over.

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Looking at Gite when I was begging, gave me a certain satisfaction. He wasn’t immune to it. His grip on my hair became almost painful while his hand on my throat pulled me closer, almost bruising. His cock twitched splaying some cum on my neck.

“Yes you may woman. Damn it! You will be the death of me,” he said releasing his hand from my neck. It was all I needed. Like a savage, I pulled down his snug jeans and boxers in one swoop. I was now kneeling before a man who was naked from his torso downwards; with a major hard on(just my favorite type of trouble).

He filled my mouth in the best way. His slick length rolled in my tongue like it belonged there. His hands on the nape of my neck and hair gripping hard while he rolled his hips while I bobbed my head to meet his every thrust had me in throes of lust. He was uninhibited, beautiful. I felt like I was looking at an untethered animal. Almost a savage.

His animalistic grunts, hard breathing as he shoved himself all the way down my throat making me almost gag, was everything I had dreamed of and more. No man had ever taken me this way; as if I was solely there for his pleasure. Like I could take everything he could dish out. Like he had the right to shove himself deep in my mouth and I was to take it like a good girl.

“Yes, just like that, ” Gite shuddered with pleasure as I deep throated him with hard sucks while alternatively caressing and licking his amazing balls. “Damn! You were meant for this.” Him praising me like some prized lady of the night appealed to my dark side. It wanted more.

Wrapping my arms on both sides of his hips, I let my tongue lave and caress him. I was hot and in a lust state. I just wanted him in every way I could get him. It had been too long for me. Too long to let myself go. Too long to feel any kind of connection with any other being like this. To just let go and live – even for just one night.

His moans, jerky movements, and grunt every time I loved the underside tip of his shaft filled me with euphoria. I could feel my heart beating as he filled me. It cracked my emptiness just a little. To know that I could bring this kind of pleasure to another even if they were stolen, made me feel justified. Almost liberated. That jerk ass did this to me. It’s not like he would exactly care anyway.

“Am about to cum Anita!” Gite growled suddenly bringing me to the present as he shoved himself deep down my throat. He was coming. I loved every moment of it. I held on tight to him letting him know I was there for his pleasure. I lapped and cleaned all of him like a cat drinking every morsel of milk. He tasted good. Quite tangy and salty. ‘I could get addicted to this kind of taste’  I thought to myself as he sighed with contentment.


Part 7

Slumping on the mattress, Gite drew me down beside him. My head snuggled at the crook of his shoulder. I burrowed snaking my arm around his torso. I wanted him. Desperately.

But as we laid down there while he caught his breath, I realized I needed this kind of comforting too. This feeling of togetherness with someone else. I craved to smell the musky scent of man mingled with a woman. And suddenly, I knew what I had to do after this one night stand with Gitenge. But tonight would be my night. I will think about my husband and what needed to be done when I got home.

Coyly, running my hands caressingly on his sides, “So handsome, how was that for round one?,” I asked. “Do you even need to ask? It was epic. You really can work a pole huh?, ” smacking my ass teasingly he responded. I couldn’t help the smile or the blush, “You know me Gite. I looooove me some good meat.”

His laughter from my silly quip-filled the room. It made me feel fuzzy with happiness. Made me remember some memories … No! No! I couldn’t. It was my night from everything else! I reminded myself. With that, I rolled on top of Gite straddling him while hiking up my dress in turn.

A tortured moan escaped him. I was pantiless and my little girl down there was as bare as a new babe. “I see you like what you see, ” I remarked casually. “Want me to open myself for you like a naughty girl? Or run my finger here?”, I let my finger graze my clit. I was feeling wanton and I wanted him to want me. I actually needed him to want me.

“Actually Miss Anita, I want you to give me a show. I want you to touch yourself here”,  he pointed at my cunt “And I want you to like it. That is to remind you who is in control; whose running this show. Unaskia? Additionally, I don’t need to remind you to remove your dress. Or do I?, ” Gite asked his voice brooking no arguments. “I want to see the whole of you bared for me.”

I shook my head trying to act like I was okay with his demands. Like I had done it many times. You know, undress and touch myself for someone? But I hadn’t. He had been my first and only until now. And everything with him had been done in the dark while my dress covered all else. I was excited though. More like my dark side was. Today, it was out to play. And it wanted to submit fully.


Part 8

Standing, I looked him straight up.  I opened the zipper of my dress letting it pool at my feet. I felt detached in a way. This was another woman in my place. She was bold, sexy and a sub in a way. She didn’t belong to James her husband. She belonged to herself; her dark side that craved to be: uninhibited, adventurous. Even crazy if need be.

I stood before him now covered with goosebumps and a demi bra that didn’t hide my arousal state. My nipples looked erect – begging to be sucked.

As if he had read my mind, “Don’t worry, am gonna give those babies the TLC they deserve. But for now, give me my show. I don’t like waiting. You want me to spank you to get you revved up or what?” Gite intoned touching his arousal, his eyes caressing me like a physical touch. I felt it everywhere. My breath hitched and my pussy gave an undeniable tag. That tag that acknowledged it wanted something to be stuck there – especially the long, thick warm variety.

He leaned on his forearms to get a good view of me.  I walked to the furthest corner of the room and took a stool I had spotted later after settling on the mattress. I moved  languidly  bringing the stool to the center of his focus

Sitting on it, I deliberately removed my demi bra letting it fall on the floor with no care. My boobs sprung forth, their nipples dark and pointy.  Gite groaned almost painfully as he saw them. He was a boob guy after all. And I had a pair of good ones. No bragging. Just a fact.

“I don’t think I can wait Anita. I want you right now. Forget the foreplay I had in mind. I want to suck those boobs right now. I want to taste them.  I want to see them bounce as you ride me, taking me deep inside you while moaning for the pleasure I intend to give you. Come here,” He half ordered and begged total lust coating his words.

Fuck! I didn’t think he could pull it making me wetter, driving me more insane with lust. I wanted to jump him real bad. Wanted to give in… But I wanted him to want me completely (even if he was in control)  “Not yet Gite”, I told him. “I want to give you that show fast.”. And with that declaration, I did spread my thighs for him.

The hallo of the candle threw shadows all over the room. It made everything in the room more pronounced, intense. It gave Gite a look of some parishian lord sprawled over some divan waiting to be entertained by some pariah. It turns, I felt wicked and daring. I spread myself even wider letting him see everything hidden between its juncture. And quite shamelessly, I did what he had requested.

I let my hand wonder in my woman essence. The first touch made me moan out loud. I was so sensitive. So wet. I imagined it was Gite’s hands touching me so intimately. I wanted to whimper with want and need. For a moment, my eyes became unfocused before wondering to Gite’s eyes. What I saw there, almost made me run.

His eyes said, he was going to take me like no other man had. That he was going to tame me with his manhood. And that tonight I was his. The latter made me almost sob. A flash of memories tried to hinge on this moment to spoil it but I forcibly shook them off. Yes. I was his tonight. Not James mousy wife.

My hand circled my clit, before dipping into my juices. With every dip, my hips moved in a back, front movement that mimicked love making. I couldn’t help myself. I traced my other hand to my boobs playing with my nipples. I wanted Gite at that moment. I wanted him to do away with the ache that was building inside of me. “Please Gite, take me now”, I begged.

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