See who is viewing your profile with these simple hacks

Most of us would sell an arm and a leg to know who among our online friends has been secretly looking up our profiles without having to notify them of the same. Granted, we all love a bit of sleuthing online. Perhaps to find out what that Ex has been up to lately without getting into the hustle of triggering up an awkward conversation. Or just for the purpose of wanting to know.

Social networking sites intentionally make this information very hard to access with the exception of linked in, which is touted as the most generous social network for online sleuths. But is there really no way to bypass this checks and harness this information? Let’s take a look at alternative ways you can dig this up without necessarily breaking the law.

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Facebook; There are plenty of apps that claim to be able to feed you this information available on online stores for downloads. But the proof is in the pudding. Many of them are scams desperate to appeal to online users.

Facebook in itself does not have the provision to allow you to see who has visited your site. However . it keeps track of the list of your Friends who have watched your Facebook Stories updates. It keeps these names and only you ( the user) can see this.

You will need to have your privacy settings set to allow people to follow you, Once done you can check this list by clicking on the Friends tab on your Facebook profile and selecting followers.

Twitter:  to find out who is viewing your updates, you will need to use the sites Analytics tool. It has a lot of information one can harness. This include; tweet impressions, Link clicks, gender, age and interests of the folks viewing your updates. However, it is not very precise in helping identify who’s been stalking you.

Instagram;  Since it shares the same developer as Facebook,  the catch is on its Instagram Stories feature. This pretty much operates as Facebook and gives you a list of folks who have viewed your updates within 24 hours.

To maximize on this,  you will have to set your account as public as this will allow those who do not follow you to still watch your stories.  To hide your stories from people who do not follow you, you can choose to set your account as private.

LinkedIn; Then we have LinkedIn, a professional social networking site that will readily feed you on information about who has viewed you profile.

Sadly, you’re not able to see identities of those who have stalked you in private mode, even with an upgrade of its premium account.

You can choose to stay steps ahead of online stalkers without necessarily upgrading your account, by clicking on Annonymous LinkedIn member under the profile viewing options in the Privacy Menu. However, this works vice Versa for every member’s profile you visit.

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