Marriage Is Not for Everyone: Not everyone wants to get married

Marriage seems like an awesome thing. You know two people entangled up till death do them part, actually sounds cozy. Even beautiful. The kids, the big dinners, the laughter sure sounds utopian. Having your own teddy in form of your wify or hubby truly sounds incredible. But I am the school of thought that, not everyone craves that.

You see, some other mere mortals crave the exact opposite. They just want to be single till death. They want to dedicate their lives to what they deem is self-fulfilling to them. I know some of you find the mere thought of not being married scary or the thought of not being married foreign. It’s okay. It’s also okay to not think of getting hitched too. I believe it’s a case of self-fulfillment. It’s about what makes someone feel contented or satisfied with their lot in life. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

The subject of getting hitched or not is arguable on many contexts. But I believe it’s a matter of perception. It’s your take on everything marriage related. Hell, it’s even about how you perceive life as a whole. It’s about who you are. What you want – aim for. Marriage is a personal decision, not a community debate.

I feel sorry for those people who are so pressured by society to settle down. To have kids or the need to have them. I mean it’s wrong on so many levels. It’s wrong on a personal level. You didn’t want to be hitched but you had to. Psychologically, you were misplaced.  Your priorities weren’t in tandem with what you had set out for. This is where many people end up being depressed, negligent parents, cheats, abusive partners and exectra. The kids who are born in this kind of set up end up being screw-ups, after all, they got screwed by their parents before being born.

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Marriages in Kenya nowadays are fashionably changed into come-we-stays. In my head am thinking about this hit up conversation between a man and a woman. The man would be like, you want to come we try marriage? And she would think like a millisecond and she would say yes.  It’s cool and all. But why the need to tie the knot? I mean why would someone want to sleep beside the same person for the rest of their natural lives? Why would someone just decide to do come-we-stay? Whatever thoughts you had going through your head, that’s the reason why.

My point? Not everyone wants to be married. While at the same time, others will jump at it like it’s candy. It’s how it is. It’s as simple as that. No need for that holier than thou attitude when your friend Sheila tells you she ain’t feeling marriage vibes at all; In fact, it never crosses her mind. At that moment, you decide to quote so many verses from the bible or go on and on how she would be miserable later in life.  You sound like a prophet of doom. And you need to be sprayed with doom.

Do you. Or marriage. Or not.

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