When The Itch Needs Scratching

There days when not getting some good old loving for a single feels like being starved. The hunger does not go. It persists.

When one is deprived of sex for long, the need is a keen to a man starving for food. The thought of wanting to get laid persists like a migraine. Everything reminds or makes them think of sex: a touch here, a smell there, an attractive man walking down the streets. Sometimes for a woman, her womanly parts vibrate with need and it gets uncomfortably moist down there. But that is not the worst part.

The worst part comes when she is alone in bed. She experiences hot flashes, vivid sexual images, the need to get all down and freaky with a male of her choice. Sometimes, she remembers her best escapades. This may in the form of an ex she can’t stand now. In her mind’s eyes, she starts picturing the different scenarios in her past. How he would bend her over, slip it in real good and slow inside of her asking if she liked how it stretched her. How he would whisper dirty little things in her ears that would make her all the more wet but will make a nun blush pink or go apoplectic.

She turns on the other side of the bed trying to escape the images but they are unrelenting. Rather, she finds her hands wandering down her womanly parts. She closes her eyes and succumbs to the needs that have been ravaging all day. Desires that she feels deep down; that will only go after giving herself some good old loving. If she is lucky, she has some sex toys; the likes of vibrators or dildos. And if not, her middle finger suffices really well in this scenario.

Closing her eyes, she let the sexual wants surround her. Slowly, she removes her panty or if sleeping naked, better for her. The first touch of that small nub on her folds makes her want to scream with pleasure. It’s been so long. She plays with it as she remembers him touching the same place. An image of how she would arch her body eyeballing him, pleading for some more cross her mind. And his arrogant smile, damn! How it used to play a number on her as he slipped his middle finger inside of her.

A moan escapes her as she imitates his movements. How he just knew how to hit her g-spot the right way. Heavily breathing, sweat coating her body, she flings the bed covers aside spreading her legs wider and delve inside herself even deeper. She circles the nub with one finger from her left hand while the middle finger of the right one is buried inside her g-spot working it with his memory playing in the background of her mind.

She can’t help reminiscing either how he used to play with her to the maximum especially how he would finger her while kissing her boobs. How he would flick her pert nipples, circling them real slow while pumping inside her. How she would hold his head on her girls praying he won’t stop. She remembers how hot it used to make her feel and realizes it’s happening again at that moment and how he just knew it was time for the next step.

She sees him now in her mind getting up and stripping completely naked. She can’t help remembering how her breath used to hitch every time with want and anticipation as she saw his naked body, his male part in attention for her. By now, she is pumping herself real hard as she remembers the first penetration.

Bliss is the word. How he used to work her: from missionary to doggy, to scissors to whatever he fancied. How he used to growl like an animal. How his sweat will slink from his body coating hers. How his chest used to rub against hers as he gave it to her nice and slow looking her straight in the eyes with her legs wrapped around his waist urging him on meeting him halfway as he shoved inside her. How she would moan, scratch his back urging him on, not getting enough. How his eyes will be in half-mast as he drilled inside her, licking her throat, tongue kissing her while rolling his body inside of hers, focused giving maximum pleasure. Then she feels it.

She feels herself coming with a moan as she used to with her ex in her subconscious. She moans slowly coming back to her senses. That felt good. She can now get some sleep as the itch has been scratched for the moment.

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