The Bible and Chauvinism

I am a Christian and a believer in a higher power. I read my bible and it is quite a good read, insightful and with life. However, I have seen this special book being used by many, mostly men to drive their misplaced dominance agenda. 

Am not against men. Ephesians 5: 22 onwards has been brought up many times whenever I was in a debate about feminism.  May I point out that I am not against a man being the head of the home. Am however against men using this particular set up to oppress women.

In the olden days, women were not allowed to speak in the synagogue. Today, women do hold leadership positions whilst some religions still remain adamant of this. They still feel women are to be seen and not heard in these gatherings and disregarding this is considered as an err.

Over the years, women have been viewed as lesser beings. In most instances, women are classified together with children. Even in our very own constitution, article 100. Women always come second after men. Their societal position is mainly determined by the husband they marry. She who is not married has little or no position in some society set ups. In fact, a woman may be a good leader but will not be elected by people simply because she is not married.

Some cultures even put a price on them come the wedding negotiations. They are viewed as investment by some parents whose returns will come when they are to be married off. They raise them not to be the best versions of themselves but so that they will yield good returns come the dowry payment day.

It is this view and classification of women that has over the years encouraged chauvinism and sexism. It is why a man will earn more than a woman over the same job simply because she is a woman. It is why a man will sexually harass a woman and not feel guilty as they have over the years been taught to view women as not more than sexual beings. 

It is this constant teaching that the man is superior to the woman that has seen women disrespected, ignored and harassed at workplaces and homes. It is why a man will cheat and be easily forgiven by society but there is little respect for a divorced woman.  It is why women have to work extra hard than the man to earn top positions. They have been set to prove themselves before they can sit at the top table, jumping through hooves than men do not have to jump. 

It is this narrative that has developed a sense of entitlement in some male counterparts, who have little regard or respect for women. It is why you will hear some say, they cannot be led by a woman. 

When we teach and preach on the superiority of the man, can we be careful how we do it lest we continue to feed the chauvinism. After all, when I read this special book, it tells me man is a spirit in a body, and that the spirit has no gender. 

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