Self-Hired Terminators

The other day I bought some honey from a brand I have used over time now only to end up disappointed. The rogue gods whose strengths remains ill business practices have seemingly caught up with this particular brand. It was molasses packaged as honey. 

Not long ago, an expose by a popular TV station in the country set the whole country into a state of alarm after making it know how popular supermarkets ‘treat’ their meat to allow for longer shelf life. 

Concerns have been raised over chemical use on our farms even as eat healthy campaigns are ongoing. 

All this is happening even as there is a set body mandated to protect the people from harmful substances,KEBS. They probably have an excuse for how they are failing Kenyans almost everyday.

These counterfeiting gods have taken upon themselves to flood the market with substandard goods at lower prices exposing citizens to health complications even as they cripple legit businesses. The masters of death do not care what you eat so long as you pay them. We have seen a firm recently closed down over illegal effluent disposal. A whole company will with their evil-witty minds dispose of their harmful waste into a river that will at some point be used by the consumers of their products, I mean, why should these humans live long healthy lives? 

These people have seemingly taken on the terminator role to kill us all even as they take our money. To what end you will wonder? If we are all dead, who will buy their meat? Who will they sell to? Another case of an immoral society that cares more for profits than human life. May history judge you harshly! 

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