Vulgar is no way to remain politically relevant

Let he who is without wisdom ask of me, says the Lord. Yet our leaders who claim or say, purport to be Christians refuse to ask of this wisdom. The young man who prefers to call himself an old man Babu Owino will use big words in speeches but there is little meaning to what he says. It was a good tactic to get out attention during SONU days but if he opened his eyes he will realise Embakasi East is not UoN. You cannot base a whole political career on English. Your people need maendeleo, not new words. Those they can get in the schools you help build or renovate.

As though that is not foolish enough, our guys have become pots of unkind, insulting, demeaning and vulgar words. Well, it is what to expect from people with no wisdom at all. I understand the need to remain relevant and vocal in politics, but if by insulting others is how you do it, you are a fool.

Have you not known, have you not heard, positions of power are set above and whatever you do others see it. When Babu Owino and his ilk are in public forums spewing venom against each other, ignorant of the crowds they attract, people hear and young ones pick on these words. Need we reveal to you we know sex and everything about it and thus there is no need to keep mentioning sex organs in your insults.

If any elder feels the need for relevance, let them not use vulgar language to remain afloat. We the masses do not appreciate it. Be a good leader and do what you were voted in to do, that we appreciate. For some of these guys, insulting the Deputy President is all there seems to be in their do list. While for others, defending the Deputy President is all they do all day.

If vulgar is all you have to offer, we might as well hook you up with a hip hop recording studio downtown and you can spit the lines there. Also, let’s us cut on this whole 2022 talk. If anyone must speak about 2022, let the assure us it will be peaceful, let them say they are personally working to ensure elections will be better and fair to all. That regardless of who wins, we are still Kenyans and one people. 

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