Shades Of A Woman

She looks at her shades each and every day

She acknowledges she is neither black nor white but has polka dots of greys in between with different shades of colors; almost like in the rainbow

They make her vibrant, stand out, different even beautiful

She isn’t a book judged by the cover but she is pages after pages of a masterpiece wound together to make a whole book

Don’t be mistaken by the book analogy

She cannot be read and finished in one go

She is a woman.


Looking in the mirror, she sees herself

She recognizes what she is; Shades

Shades of different colors that interwove to make her who she is – a mystery and unattainable

Just like a chameleon, she changes with situation, environment and she knows her power well

She chooses who sees her shades

She chooses how to reveal them- how, when and where

She is in control always

She is a woman.


With a secretive smile that is all knowing, she calls out

They look at her, seeing what they want to see and she lets them

It is a power of testosterone and estrogen

And she knows how to play it,

It is about the shades never about muscles or physical power

She knows how to make that call that makes him- them running without lifting a finger

It is about the shades, the power of who she is

She is a woman.


She is the back sitter, the overlooked

Yet, she is the one who holds the power on her finger tips

She knows it’s all about the shades,

It’s about displaying her colorful shades strategically, cunningly

It’s about giving impressions, moving the pieces as a chess player

In the back sit

For she recognizes her shades for what they are

She is a woman


They always wonder,

Who is she?

How does she have the power and use it whenever?

How is it possible that she makes them so weak yet so strong?

How does she do it with a straight face and still smile?

Who is she?

She is a woman.


For if they knew,

In every woman, therein lie shades and shades

Neither black nor white in polka dots but different shades of colors

For their herculean power is simply being a woman

Recognizing who they are and executing it with self-confidence and assurance

She is a woman.


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