Love at First Acquaintance: Part 6 and 7

NOTE: This is a continuation of the story Love at First Acquaintance, Part 1,2,3,4 and 5. If you didn’t read it, you might have to read it before continuing with this one.


On Friday night Max texted me the details. By this time, I had done away  with every doubt I had and I was psyched up to hook up with him.  We were to meet in town at Afya Centre and then proceed to  his cousin’s place from there. Was 2pm okay with me? He had asked and I had  responded on the affirmative.  At this point now, I would have done anything to be with him. I wanted Max so damn much.

The next day we hooked up and we went to his cousin’s place. The first thought that went through my mind when I saw Max though was, ‘damn, he is so gorgeous and I love how his cologne smells’ I itched to touch him. It was almost painful to withhold my first instincts.

Conrad was the name of his cousin. In short, Max called him Cony. Cony was awesome and welcoming.  I instantly liked him. He was funny and just easy to talk to. We hit it off and before we knew it, we were all talking like old friends. Cony left us alone later that evening at his place.

My nerves set in. All my emotions, the ones that had been building leading to this moment eruppted. Did I dare react to them? What was I supposed to do? Damn, I was out of my element and I could feel my inner tigress awakening, mewling like a cat on heat. It had  scented Max.

“Finally we are alone. What you wanna do? “, He asked looking at me with speculative eyes that overshadowed his desire for me.

“Well, we can talk about it or I can show you what I want to do”,  I answered back. My inner tigress couldn’t really hold it back. It was shameless at its best.

Laughing nervously, “You sure don’t beat around the bush huh? “, he asked.

“Should I beat around the bush Max? Is that what you want? “. All afternoon since we had arrived at his cousin’s place around 3.30pm, I had been aware of Max want and need for me. Sure they were subtle but still there. Like how his eyes would wonder on my lips subconsciously when I talked. Or how repeatedly he would touch me – giving the impression he couldn’t believe I was there.

“What do you want me to say Jane?”, he whispered.

Rasping, my throat clogged with emotions, “The truth Max. The truth”. I was seated on Cony’s bed.  He did not have much  furniture just a bed, a desktop and this revolving office chair( Max was sitting on) with a few utensils. My green flowy  knee length dress was hiked up half way on my thighs. It was one of my favorites. I had paired it with doll shoes. I had gone for a  simple but cute look. Max had striked me as a simple guy.

He shuddered, his body all rigid and tense as he swiveled the chair to face me. When he looked into my eyes, that is when it hit me. He didn’t need to say it out loud. His eyes reflected  what he couldn’t put into words.



Max wanted me;  he just didn’t know how to express himself. Without thinking, I walked towards Max and sat on his laps – one of us had to make the first move.

His arm snaked on my waist with welcome. I could hear both of our hearts beating as one, our breaths mingling with each other’s. I could feel the  chemistry we had felt that day unwrapping itself.  It blanketed  us in  a caccon of lust and passion as it ignited a fire that could only be quenched in one way.

To date, I can’t be sure who made the first move. I felt Max soft lips on mine and I  opened myself to him.  It was like a homecoming of sorts. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed him until at that moment . His tongue prodded, searching, demanding an I gave in to  his urges. Oh how he tasted good! I can still feel or see him If I dare close my eyes. I can still see myself at that moment. How he played me like a guitarist wounding selective strings to elicit music.

Max hands were all over me. I could feel him to my core and to date, I carry those memories. Sometimes I think it was the way he kissed me while he caressed my body so lovingly ; like I was a china doll. At other times, I think it has to do with the way he looked at me when he stripped me naked touching me everywhere first with his eyes, hands and then tongue.  In my weakest moments when am so lonely, I convince myself it has to do with the way he took me so gently and reverently but at the same time, in a tidal of passion so big that when I orgasmed, I felt it to my soul and he was there to wrap me up with his nearness and gentleness.

Such is life, so beautiful one moment  full of promise and hope and the next moment, it’s like a serpent; It strike when you least expect.  It leaves you reeling from its blows trying to find a sure ground.

Life happened to me in the form of Max.

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