Keep yourself busy with this top 10 TV Series during this November 28th holiday

Chances are, tomorrow every local Tv station will be laden with Politics.  If you are looking for something to kill the day with, here are a few top Tv show/series recommendations that will hopefully keep boredom at bay and will have you glued on the edge of your seat. Now here is the disclaimer, this is a cut from my personal list of the top ten TV shows I am currently watching. So here goes;

  1. Vikings

The heart of the series is legendary rags-to-riches Viking Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), his rise to power, and how he passes that power to his children and their children thereafter. It’s one of the best shows out there right now and its mind-boggling why it does not get as much hype as Game of Thrones. Season 5 premiers on November 29th.

      9. Mom

Mom is a family sitcom that revolves around alcoholics, teen pregnancies and other assorted curves life dishes you. I know this does not sound like it’s full of laughter but really, Mom rocks! Believe the hype. What would you expect from a seasoned Industry bigwig like Chuck Lorre? They may not be a typical family, but for 30 minutes each week, they’ll be yours. Season 5 premiered November 2.

  1. The Punisher

Netflix recreates this video game franchise into a TV show and they have done quite the job on it. It follows Frank Castle on a revenge mission and continues his follow up appearance on Daredevil season 2.  The Punisher has grown into a fully-fledged marvel antihero in the show and let’s say its worth the time. The show is in its premiere season.

             7. A series of unfortunate events

The reason you need to watch this show is because Marvel has done a bang up job on it.  It’s an adaption from Daniel Handlers Children’s book bearing the same name. Its been given more time than the previous movie which starred Jim Carrey. Its…how do we put it? A macabre feature that has been adapted into an interesting series that you should not miss for the world.

  1. Ozark

Ozark sees a money launderer (Jason Bateman) and his wife move from Chicago to backwoods  Missouri in an effort to clean $8 million in three months, lest their entire family be killed by a Mexican drug cartel. Here is the thing about the show, it’s not fun, it’s the kind of Tv shows where you will be anxious throughout. But its catchy and seedy…and pretty much terrific to watch whiling away.

  1. Sense 8 (Season 2)

It picks up where season 1 left off.  It’s profoundingly amazing even if the storyline is not well executed. It plays with your emotions and the lead stars have an undeniable TV chemistry, being the Wachowskis first foray into television, it’s quite thought-provoking as much as its intriguing.

  1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Majorly based on a musical about a lady who quits her job to follow an ex-boyfriend to California. It’s quite hilarious on the surface and stars Golden Globe winner Rachel Bloom. Its mild funny and borders more on being a feminist show.

  1. Luther

Let’s just say, this is the grittiest Cop show you will ever see on telly.  It is also pummeling great show, and Idris Elba is a tour de force.

  1. House Of Cards

Ok, alright. You might not like Kevin Spacey right now, but trust me his acting is out of this world.  The show, with five seasons under its belt, never ages and seemingly rides on a droll sense of humor all through. It features all the things you want in a good series; Humor, some sleek writing and phenomenal acting form the two lead stars. Pulled out of programming due to Kevin Spacey’s melodramatic life, its still gets my goat.

  1. Better call Saul

No, this is not a spin-off of the greatest Tv Drama of all time, Breaking bad.  If you watched Season 1, this fear might have already fizzled out. Written by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, Saul is hailed as one of the most detail-oriented and smartest show on Telly right now.

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