5 Kenyan Technology Blogs you should subscribe to right now

Everyone today is a reporter and content creator or developer. Blogs, blogging, and bloggers have quickly become what an article on Business Insider is describing as a ‘’must’ new media activity for any professional or even company that wants to establish its credibility or brand leadership in their industry.

Blogs are definitely an effective mode of interacting with your audience; they represent a certain ‘’sweet-spot’’ between social media and traditional online news. The audience or blog followers can read breaking and important news in their areas of interest and key insights and then comment, share and interact with the authors and subject matter in a more direct way than with more traditional outlets.

In Kenya alone, we have thousands of blogs and bloggers who have established themselves as leaders in their specific industries. Bloggers and blogs who are doing are doing quite a pretty good job and are taking over the online media space.

In this article, I will be focusing on tech bloggers and tell you some of the top 5 tech bloggers and blogs you should be following and subscribe to right now in Kenya. They might not have won any awards or not known by so many of you but they are definitely worth checking out for latest stories in mobile technology, startups, product reviews and much more.

Here we go!

Android Kenya  

If you love Android then this is the blog you should be following. Emmanuel Chenze (@echenze) is the guy behind this blog that talks about all things Android. The blog has been in existence for around ten months now and is growing to among the top technology blogs you should subscribe to for insightful tips, analysis, and reviews.

Tech Arena Kenya

Tech Arena Kenya has been in existence for quite a while now. Owned by one Kaluka Wanjala (@kaluWanjala) the blog covers a wide range of technology topics including product reviews. If you want to read about smartphone and app reviews, news on social media and any other interesting stuff then this is the blog you need to follow.


Well, TechTrendsKE is owned by Nick Kanali (@NicKanali), one of us here at The Flip Side. Just like Tech Arena the blog has been there for a while now and mainly covers technology and business trends as well product and service reviews. Want to read news about cybersecurity, startups, business, social media etc, then this is the right blog for you.


I like this blog. Its one of the blogs I rush to when I want to read product reviews. Dickson Otieno (@DicksonOtieno) does a good job on the blog writing interesting opinion pieces on tech and stuff as he describes it. Thinking of buying a good smartphone and looking for an expert’s opinion then just visit the blog.

Tech Guy

This blog was among the blog nominated for the 2017 BAKE awards under best technology blogs category. Oliver Cheruiyot (@OliverCheruiyot) is the keyboard warrior behind this blog and describes himself as digitally obsessed. The blog covers news and opinion on Mobile Technology, Startups, Media and much more.

I said, blogs and bloggers have certainly evolved over the past few years and are now a serious outlet for news, reviews and thought leadership. Visit the above technology blogs and subscribe to ensure you don’t miss out on any news about technology.

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