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The first date I ever went to was at Sizzling Grill. You might agree with me there is nothing romantic about that dungeon but isn’t it near Sabina Joy? I’m stretching it a bit. I was cray cray about light skin chics then and fresh from high school. I was green about this dating business and went for this date after much coaxing from friends.

She wasn’t anything much to write home about apart from the fact she was book smart and had her hair tied back like a Swine’s tail. We would eat between long pauses as we struggled for what to keep the conversation going. At one time I excused myself and went to the gents. Then this guy I didn’t know anything about grabbed me once I hit the first corner.

Sizzling is a dingy place so the first thought that hits me is I am being mugged. He moves over to some lighted space and I can see his face. Then he says hi…I smile a little not knowing what to expect. “So you having a date with that hot lassie out there mate?” he asks crossing his hands and staring me full in the face.”Well….uhhmm…uhhmm…we can say that, but I hardly know her,” I started thinking this could be the Husband and I was thinking of ways of getting off.

The man roars into laughter and takes a handkerchief from his suit to wipe his eyes. I stare blankly, not knowing whether to scream for help or just hold my cool. “Look, Son, I’ve been watching you from that corner…looks like you really don’t know your way around women much do you? Now here’s my two cents…….” he drawled and drawled and strangely I listened to this self-proclaimed maestro. There is something about his explanation that caught me…and after he was done, he patted me on the back and went back to his seat.

I went to the washrooms, stared at my reflection in the mirror, adjusted my hair and came back. The chic smiled sweetly as I sat.. “Did I tell you I love that smile? It exposes how flawless the beauty in you is.” I began. She blushed. I stared across the room, and my ‘teacher’ nodded back. ” look I really had a good time we should do this more often, or is your boyfriend gonna object?” I pressed my luck and stared her full in the face. She was taken aback by this sentiment and shyly smiled and replied staring seductively,”I have no known boyfriend”. I leaned forward and touched her knee,”In that case, I am my own competition” I uttered slowly checking for a reaction. She looked at the floor and laughed a bit. Then pushed my hand away. “God! Billy are you hitting on me?” she Inquired still smiling. “That part is already done,” I added still catching her gaze.

Ok now before this starts sounding like a piece from a Porno flick I’ll tell you flattery did the trick. I learned a great deal from the Gentleman who thought I must really suck at charming women and most importantly when I put it to the task it worked for me Whoever said honesty with Women is key clearly wasn’t a charmer. I’ve remembered this bit bcoz the chic in question inboxed me today, she’s had a kid and is getting married next month. That’s how fast and rapid life happens.

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