Kenyan Youths Being At The Forefront In Creating Sustainable Food Supply Chains Through Agriculture And Technology As We Mark The International Youth Day

My name isEric Munente Mwirichia, 25 years old and taking a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering at the Multimedia University of Kenya.

I am an Innovator and Entrepreneur working with IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve problems.

I am currently working with a team that connects Africa’s Food Network by tracking food journeys, verifying their authenticity, and connecting consumers to manufacturers. Covid-19 has exposed how weak most systems are, including the food supply system. The current financial shock has left many households struggling to stay afloat where they are now prioritizing what is most necessary to purchase.

Youth today are more aware of the climate crisis and more vocal about being heard. This could be using social media or marching for a change. The same energy should be put into educating the older generation who might not be as informed as we are. This can be done at our homes, churches or any community events to educate our societies on what is healthy for us and the environment.

Agriculture is a pillar through which Kenya’s GDP stands (33%), employing over 40% of the total country’s population according to USAID. Despite the high unemployment rate, the Agricultural sector has a lot of opportunities that are left untouched because of the lack of technical knowledge that is at the Youth’s disposal. The youth should embrace this path to safeguard not only their futures but the country’s future.

There is a rising concern for food safety among consumers demanding transparency in the supply chain. We are leading innovations in the Agricultural sector through the use of technology that is readily available. Blockchain in the Global Food Supply system is currently valued at $133M and is projected to grow at 48.1% CAGR to $948M by 2025. We are tapping into this potential by building a platform that will showcase the food journey and give consumers trust in the food system.

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