iSpecimen expands provider network to enhance support for women’s health research

iSpecimen, an online global marketplace that connects scientists requiring biospecimens for medical research with a network of healthcare specimen providers, announced it has expanded its global provider network to help advance women’s health research. These strategic collaborations significantly expand the availability of high-quality tissue and biofluid specimens for studies on cervical, uterine and breast cancers; reproductive health; cardiovascular disease; autoimmune disorders and STIs.

Among the new providers, one partner spans five sites in Ohio, Texas and Mississippi, which will help to unlock access to specimens from approximately 640,000 patients. These specimens encompass a comprehensive range of samples, including tumor tissues, adjacent normal tissues, plasma, whole blood, bone marrow, urine, stool, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), hematopoietic stem cells, immune cells, buffy coat and serum. iSpecimen’s expanded provider network also lends crucial support for reproductive research, with a significant pool of pregnancy donors under age 35, including those in their third trimester, along with urine samples from Cepheid GeneXpert CT/NG PCR tests.

“Our ability to equip researchers with unmatched access to the vital specimens they require includes doing so for a number of important women’s health conditions, an area of research that continues to demand the industry’s attention and dedication,” said Tracy Curley, iSpecimen’s CEO. “Adding these biospecimen providers demonstrates our commitment to advancing scientific discovery in women’s health and ensuring biospecimen availability for this potentially lifesaving research.”

The iSpecimen Marketplace platform offers precise customization, allowing researchers to specify patient age, gender, race, condition, severity, blood type, treatment status, test results, outcomes, smoking status, family history and more. Comprised of over 230 providers, iSpecimen’s global biospecimen provider network offers researchers access to clinically collected samples, banked tissues, biofluids and prospective collections from diverse female populations.

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