Win big today! Simple ways to make money on the ChezaGame platform

The gaming industry in Kenya has evolved over the few years, with a section of Kenyans playing for fun or targeting to win millions.

From placing bets on real live games to now cash games, which punters have taken particular interest in.

Cash games, also sometimes referred to as live action games, are games played with money at stake, often with no predetermined end time, with players able to enter and leave as they see fit.

ChezaGame a Kenyan start-up has brought the cash game experience to Kenyans at the touch of their mobile devices thus netizens are able to make cash on the comfort of their houses.

Speaking during ChezaGame’s launch, Charles Njuguna the gaming firms CEO said that they brought the gaming experience to Kenyans as most netizens love sports and the games that ChezaGame has brought are easy to play thus they don’t need any explanations.

“We have decided to bring ChezaGame to Kenyans since the kawaida mwananchi loves sports and ChezaGame which includes games from various sporting activities will bring a whole new experience to them as they earn cash from the comfort of their homes,” said Charles Njuguna.

Below are some of the games on the ChezaGame platform:
1. Magic wheel – Best if you’re a new gamer.
2. Lucky crumble – Best if you want a variety of ways to earn money.
3. Penalty shoot-out – Best if you are a football fanatic.
4. Fruit Nova – Best if you love slot games.
5. Find the box with 1 million – Best if you love surprise box games.
Ready to become a gamer? Jump onto the ChezaGame bandwagon and try your luck.

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