Why the Huawei Watch Fit is the best ally for those who practice mountaineering

Mountain climbing is one of the common outdoors sport that majority of Kenyans especially those who live in urban areas engage in as a way of keeping fit, networking or killing boredom. 

Most common places that you will find hikers especially beginners are Ngong Hills, Longonot, Kilimambogo among others. This is where the love for mountain climbing begins before getting onto most diffucult terrains such as Kinangop, Rumureria, Elephant hill and finally graduating into a real mountain climber scaling Mountain Kenya and Mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. 

HUAWEI WATCH FIT would play a critical role when hiking or mountain climbing thus an important gadget to go with when to achieve your goal. 

In addition to wearing clothing, shoes, food and special instruments for these adventures, it is important to have a device that monitors your health, since the change in altitude can affect your heart rate and oxygen saturation (SpO2). In this way, having an indicator that tells you how you are doing will help you know when it is time to take breaks. Climbers can feel confident that every step they take will be well monitored. HUAWEI WATCH FIT has smart sensors that can detect your heart rate, SpO2 saturation and sleep habits.

With TruSeen ™ 4.0 technology, exclusive to Huawei, heart rate monitoring combines a configuration of multiple sensors of our own development driven by algorithms based on artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks in addition to continuous testing and verification through Big Data they synergize to provide accurate monitoring 24 hours a day. It also provides reminders when abnormal heart rates occur.

On the other hand, it measures the oxygen saturation in the blood through sensors and algorithms that can serve as a reference. This indicator is very important when climbing, since the altitude will cause that each advance, your SpO2 decreases, so as you go up, your HUAWEI WATCH FIT will indicate the precise moment to rest, continue or stop and thus your health will not be affected by low oxygen levels.

SpO2 is the fifth most important health indicator, after heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, and body temperature. The normal level of SpO2 should be between 90% and 100%, but when this is lower, it is called hypoxemia, which causes the cells to stop working properly, altering the behavior of the organs, tissues and systems of the body.

One more function that integrates the smartwatch and that is important if you stay camping in the mountains is the identification of bad habits and suggestions to improve the quality of sleep. Introducing HUAWEI TruSleep ™ 2.0 is an industry first, which is based on infrared light to detect sleep, real-time heart rate monitoring, breathing quality during sleep, and Big Data-based analytics to rate your sleep.

It can automatically recognize the time it takes for the user to fall asleep and the time it takes to wake up and thus present a complete analysis (light sleep, deep sleep, REM), including full sleep or naps. In addition, it provides hundreds of suggestions to improve your quality of sleep. HUAWEI WATCH FIT will be the ideal ally to climb without affecting your health, since its indicators can function as a reference of your health status in real time. Don’t miss out on having a smart experience anywhere with this innovative smartwatch. 

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