Wanyamas in Pajamas win 11th Edition of KOT 5 Aside tournament

Wanyamas in Pajamas FC on Saturday, October 8, won the inaugural KOT 5 Aside at the Ligi Ndogo grounds in Nairobi.

Wanyamas in Pajamas FC thrashed Odi Wazee 4 – 0 in the final to lift the trophy and won the tournament prize money of Ksh 100,00.

The runners-up, Odi Wazee, was awarded Ksh 60,000 while the third team got Ksh30,000.   

This tournament was sponsored by one of Kenya’s leading betting firm Odibets.

£KOT5Aside is a tournament that brings together Kenyans on Twitter for a game of football.

This comes months after No Name FC won the tenth edition of the KOT 5 aside tournament. 

No Name FC were awarded a similar prize money of Ksh 100,000. 

Through their Odimtaani initiative, Odibets has been sponsoring talent at the grassroots level. 

Odibets under their Odimtaani kitting programme has kitted more than 10,000 teams with football jerseys in the country in a bid to nurture untapped talent in the field of soccer. 

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