Unpacking the Smartphone by HMD Global for your Mother’s Day Gift

Nothing is as great as a gift from a pure heart. A gift melts hearts levels the ups, fills the downs, calms down waves of anger and turns enemies into great friends. A gift cements and strengthens friends and relationships at all levels.

Choosing a gift for your loved one is not a walk in the park, and it involves many processes. First, the gift must be unique and one you know will move someone. The most challenging part of selecting a gift is not knowing whether the recipient will like and love it.

Shannon L. Alder says while looking for a perfect gift for someone, first realize that, “personality begins where comparison leaves off. Be unique, memorable, confident and proud.” Carlos Ruiz Zafon on getting presents says, “presents are made for the pleasure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them.”

Mother’s Day is coming up and this is your chance to get a gift for your mum, wife, sister, or any woman in your life who has impacted you positively. Mother’s Day is an important day to appreciate the mother in your life, get her something that will keep you in touch bridging the distance.

A Nokia Smartphone for Mum.

HMD Global the home of Nokia Phones has ensured the Kenyan market has wide range of phones to choose from. Phones that mums can love, trust, and Keep. As you look for a gift you can get a smartphone that fits within your budget while still giving you the value you are looking for and the special aspect of a gift.

Have you heard about Nokia G10? This phone is packed with all of the good stuff that we know you love, it prides itself with a  6.5”(6.517“) HD+ | v-notch | 20:9 | Brightness screen that allows everyone to enjoy their favorite movies, TV and apps even in brighter daylight. Nokia G10’s 13MP +2 MP Macro + 2 MP Depth | Flash will capture all that’s important to you and the 5050mAh4 battery will last you throughout three days. Your loved one can send you some great pictures of what she is up to including special moments. The 100% compostable case, designed to be hard on the ground and soft on the Earth, is included for additional protection. Meaning as your mum is busy taking care of things and drops the phone it will be protected and not easily damaged as Nokia phones are built to last.

The G10 offers you protection at every step of your journey with two regular monthly security updates for three years, your files, videos, photos, and data are always in the safest of hands. TheMediatek G25 8x A53 2.0GHz Mobile Platform means you are in for some great speeds, while still being able to enjoy up to three-day battery life. Your loved one can now watch the movies she has wanted to do for a while.

This phone will melt any heart of the recipient and there is no better time to give it as a gift than this Mother’s Day. The phone can be purchased online or in specific shops. Its powerful camera makes sure that you and the recipient can document all the memories.

How about Nokia C20?. It comes with all the amazing things you know and love about Nokia feature phones, but better. The Nokia C20 has a Main: 5MP with flashFront: 5MP with flashHDR | Beautification

Camera The front and rear cameras come with their own LED flash, so whatever the light, your photos will come out clear and bright, which makes it easier to capture everything you’re seeing and hearing. Powered by a battery that goes up to three days between charges. This is a phone you can trust to give you more time staying productive on your smartphone.

Every day has a unique story, waiting to be told. And with the features in the Nokia C20, you will tell yours with epic sight and sound. Give your mother the reason to love and trust knowing they are in safe hands with Nokia as they document every moment in life.

You can purchase your special Nokia Smartphone, your Mother’s Day gift either online or in major outlets.

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