To protect, to defend and to respect – Pastor Ng’ang’a a perfect embodiment

By Adrienne Wachera

Pastor Ng’ang’a is trending on every tabloid. Well, this morning while riding in the matatu, there are many reasons I love my matatus especially the KBS ones which have SDA songs oozing out from their speakers and once in a while bongo tunes. Also, I get to listen to King’ang’i and Mwalimu Churchill! These days apart from watching naija movies am also a die-hard fun of patanisho.

I can see you rolling your eyes, but its ma cuppa tea so let me sip it in peace. Then there is the other obvious and most important reason: I get to exchange glances with these beautiful Arabic boys. But they are just that, good for the eyes not for anything else, get your mind out of the gutter, I meant dating! Kwanza there is this particular one…no!story of another day! Anyway, notwithstanding the “shepherd’s” insults to his sheep, I undeniably admire how this ‘anointed’ man of God came out sternly and rebuked as well as defended his first lady AKA “mum” ? from the vile bishops and other holier than thou, mama wa kanisa!

Increasingly men are shying away from defending and shielding their wives from verbal and emotional abuse from their ‘boys’, brothers, sisters and mothers. You sit there on the couch comfortably without a care in the world when your brother hurls insults quoted as jokes to your better half and you actually give that sheepish smile to your girlfriend! I guess to you it means “cheza chini” but to me it gives off weak signals of a man not confident and bold enough to stand for his wife! Sometimes you are chilling in the club with your boys and they have grown so comfortable in that “brotherhood” they even feel they have shares in your relationship, the only different thing in this scenario but more disrespectful is that, they find it “playful” to spank your girlfriend and again the cowardice man in you will smile and has the audacity to shush your woman by telling her, “wacha drama” when she raises her voice or even slaps this arrogant man in her defence!

If you utterly neglect your role as the number one defence force in your woman’s life, you don’t even deserve her in the first place! Well, a thumbs up, hats off, to all the men like Pastor Ng’ang’a, who are not afraid to break church protocols, bro codes and maternal covenants to be stoned with or on behalf of their women! you remember Gladys Shollei’s husband? yes, we need men like that!

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