Safaricom’s 200 Percent Storo Bonus Promotion is Back

Kenya’s largest telco, Safaricom, is back with its Stori Ibambe promotion, which offered its subscribers a 200 percent airtime bonus when they hit a daily custom target.

The Safaricom Storo Bonus promotion can be traced back to 2015 when the company rewarded customers 100% of their daily target, which was valid up to midnight. They later sweetened the deal with a 200% airtime bonus and even added 200MB free bundles for YouTube only in August last year.

N/B: The 200MB Free YouTube bundles are not included in the package this time.

The promotion was killed last year on October 20th, which was followed by the ongoing LIPA Na MPESA campaign which started on January 8th and will end on March 5th.

The telco sent its subscribers (myself included) an SMS message that reads, “BREAKING NEWS!! FREE STORO 200% is back. Make Calls and Buy Bundles daily to hit your target early and enjoy this offer. Dial *460# to check your target.”

If the rules stay the same, then you can still hit your target by calling, texting, browsing out-of-bundle, purchasing a bundle, or charges from value-added services like skiza.

To enter the Safaricom Storo Bonus promo, dial *460# and choose Option 4 “Subscribe.” Or dial *460*4# which will get you subscribed right away. From there you can check your daily target, storo bonus balance, and even your daily spending.

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