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Pineapple becomes broadcast sponsor for Rugby World Cup 2023 in South Africa

Uniting all South Africans, Pineapple, South Africa’s leading digital car insurance provider, has pledged its support to ensure that the Rugby World Cup 2023 becomes accessible to all South Africans through its partnership with SABC.

In a momentous turn of events, Pineapple, underwritten by Old Mutual Insure Limited, has timeously stepped up as a broadcast sponsor of the Rugby World Cup 2023 on SABC, demonstrating its unwavering dedication to the nation and going above and beyond its insurance endeavours.

Pineapple’s commitment knows no bounds when it comes to providing the finest experiences to South Africans. Not content with offering comprehensive car insurance in under 90 seconds, Pineapple has now set its sights on an exciting new mission – bringing the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2023 to every corner of South Africa, uniting the nation in the spirit of this global event.

Looking back on the profound impact that sport can have in uniting a nation, we are vividly reminded of the iconic exchange between a journalist and World Cup-winning Springbok captain, Francois Pienaar. When he was told, “We had 65 000 South Africans here today – tremendous support”, Francois passionately responded: “We didn’t have 65 000 South Africans, we had 43 million South Africans.”

This pivotal partnership will ensure that 60 million plus South Africans will be watching with bated breath.

Echoing this sentiment, Pineapple co-founder Ndabenhle Ngulube commented, “Pineapple stands for more than just insurance innovation. We champion wider access, inclusivity and unity across every endeavour. What better way to stay true to this ethos than by *insuring everyone in the country has access to watch the Rugby World Cup games and can fully back the Springboks! We feel incredibly privileged to bridge the gap and bring the nation closer to an event that mirrors our passions and values. Go Bokke!”

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