OPPO Reno8 T: Taking Users One Step Forward with its fresh Dual Micro-Curved Design

With each generation of Reno series smartphones, OPPO has always searched for unique ways to combine innovative technology with stylish design. On the recently launched OPPO Reno8 T 5G, OPPO has taken this approach One Step Forward with the introduction of fresh and creative design that put the new handset on an entirely different level to the previous versions.

Looking at the new Reno8 T5G , the first aspect that a user notices is the 3D Curved screen and design. This new design is based on a flagship-level 3D curved screen with ultra-thin bezels, with precise 56-degree curve screen. The new design strikes the optimal balance between immersive visuals and an amazing, comfortable grip to the user.

Ultimate balance between comfort and flagship-level performance

The Reno8 T5G inherits the compact and lightweight design of the Reno series measuring approximately just 7.7 mm in thickness and weighing only 171 g. Even with its larger battery and enhanced hardware, holding the phone remains completely effortless and feels as comfortable as ever.

On the front of the phone, the incredible 120Hz 3D Curved Screen takes the viewing experience a whole step forward. Alongside the 3D curved design, the larger 6.7-inch, punch-hole AMOLED screen offers a more immersive, boundless viewing experience. With a 93% screen-to-body ratio and a 2.32 mm ultra-thin lower bezel and 1.57 mm left and right bezels the Reno8 T 5G offers an immersive experience to the user while watching, reading, texting or even playing a game. With one of the highest screen-to-body ratios of any smartphone, Reno8 T 5G offers a practically edge-to-edge screen on the Reno series.

To ease user concerns on durability of the AMOLED display of the Reno8 T 5G, OPPO incorporated several precision optimizations. One of them being the use of a twice-strengthened tempered DT-Star2 protective glass on the front screen, which was taken through several ultra-durability tests such strike tests, deformation tests, wear resistance tests, and extreme environment tests, all of which are designed to ensure users enjoy the incredible immersive experience offered by the 3D curved ALOMED display without worrying about inflicting accidental damage on the phone.

OPPO’s exclusive splicing technique adds another visual layer to the 3D back cover

The 3D back cover of Reno8 T 5G features a distinct design that draws attention to three different visual aspects of the phone. The first is the metal decorative base of the Dual Camera Design, followed by the oval panel design surrounding the metal camera decorative base, and the full back cover featuring the stunning OPPO Glow color finish.

The Dual Camera Design features two camera modules aligned vertically to create a more balanced and concise look. The main 108MP Portrait Camera is housed in the upper module, while the microlens camera, depth camera, and flash are found in the lower module. To protect the lenses from scratches when placed on a flat surface, the upper and lower camera modules are bonded together by an aluminum alloy metal at a height 0.2 mm higher than the lenses.

Putting the final touch to the stylish design of Reno8 T 5G is the use of the iconic OPPO Glow finish in two stunning colors Sunrise Gold and Midnight Black. OPPO Glow is an OPPO-exclusive manufacturing process that creates millions of pyramid-shaped crystals on the back cover at the microscopic level. The process gives the matte surface a finer appearance filled with richer colors while leaving the phone feeling completely smooth to hold, allowing Reno8 T 5G to continue to shine without attracting fingerprints and other marks.

With its fresh stylish Dual Micro-Curved Design, Reno8 T 5G brings new inspiration to the Reno series thanks to the application of a series of upgraded manufacturing techniques and the integration of more creative and diverse design ideas to the series’ iconic design.

Looking at the Reno8 T, OPPO continues to push the design language of the Reno series to new limits while staying true to what has made the series such a hit with users worldwide. With Reno8 T, OPPO has introduced new inspiration in the form of the redesigned Fiberglass-Leather Design that enable the removal of plastic edging, a fresh new design around the camera module, and an updated OPPO Orbit Light. The Reno8 T comes in two stunning colors, Sunrise Gold and Midnight Black.

“All of this is made possible through the seamless integration of a series of upgraded technological innovations and diverse design ideas that involve more premium sensory experiences to our new Reno series products,” said Fredrique Achieng, PR Manager, OPPO Kenya. “Moving forward, OPPO will continue to evolve the unique design language of the Reno series to explore more ways in which visual design and technology can be used to enhance the full user experience,” she added.

The all new OPPO Reno8 T will be available across all OPPO physical shops country wide and ecommerce partner Kilimall from 1st March at a recommended retail price of Ksh49,999 for the 5G and Ksh37,999 for the 4G.

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