OPPO Kenya adds to its wearable smart devices line with the launch of the OPPO Band

OPPO Kenya has unveiled a new smart band in the Kenyan market. Known as the OPPO Band, the wearable will start selling in the country on May 20th with an offer that will see the first 100 customers on Jumia purchasing it for Ksh3,999.

OPPO Kenya says this offer will run till May 23, 2021, or till the first 100 Bands are sold. The recommended retail price for the OPPO Band is Ksh.6,000. 

Globally available in both the Basic Sport and Style versions, OPPO Kenya will initially sell the basic sport version in black colour from e-commerce site Jumia and all OPPO brand stores.

OPPO Band features

The OPPO Band features a 1.1-inch full-colour AMOLED display. Continuous blood oxygen monitoring which monitors blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) every second during sleep and 12 workout modes and other convenient functions, perfect for active,  quick-paced lifestyles.

Continuous SpO2 Monitoring

The OPPO Band health monitoring function is specialized to detect sleep problems. It supports accurate sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and continuous SpO2 monitoring—providing all-around records and analysis of its user’s sleep health. 

The continuous SpO2 monitoring is made possible thanks to the built-in optical blood oxygen sensor. This component enables the OPPO Band to continuously monitor blood oxygen saturation per second when the user is asleep. During an eight-hour sleep cycle, it conducts non-stop SpO2 monitoring 28,800 times—fully measuring the user’s body oxygen saturation. With its continuous SpO2 monitor and professional sleep monitor, the OPPO Band can help users develop healthier sleep habits.

The OPPO Band also comes with a heart rate monitor. The built-in optical heart rate sensor can monitor the user’s heart rate around the clock. If the heart rate becomes too high, the smart band will vibrate to warn the user of irregular heartbeat. With the OPPO Band measuring heart rate during exercise, users can avoid over-training and learn what pace they need to keep to ensure that they are progressing towards their goals. 

An Active Life with 12 Workout Modes

The OPPO Band has 12 built-in workout modes, including running, walking, cycling, swimming, badminton, cricket, Yoga, etc. With the OPPO Band recording the exercising data, users can check their progress in OPPO’s HeyTap Health app, which is key to boosting motivation for an active life.

The OPPO Band provides a wide range of choices when it comes to the watch face as it offers over 40 different designs for users to switch between.

Long-Lasting Convenience

The OPPO Band can also work as an extension of the user’s smartphone. Users can receive messaging and call notifications, control music playback, and even find their mobile phones through the band. Modern convenience for modern lives.

As for the battery, the OPPO Band uses a high-performance, low-power processor. Made with a large 100mAh battery, it can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours.

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