Odibets Jackpot: Seven lucky Kenyans become overnight millionaires

Early this week, seven Kenyans became overnight millionaires’ courtesy of the Odibets Jackpot.

The seven betting fanatics had placed their bets on the Odibets Jackpot platform early last week each winning Sh1,000,213 for correctly predicting 15 match outcomes.

With a stake of only Sh95, the lucky winners could not hide their joy as they received cheques from Odibets Country marketing manager Aggrey Sayi.

The seven namely: Geoffrey Singombe, Ambrose Amollo, Bernard Opara, James Oyugi, Labarn Nduku, Alexandar Muoki and Sammy Wambui said that they will better their families lives with the winnings and also invest in various projects they had always wanted to.

Early last month, one John Ngumi won Sh2,164,000 which was a bonus of the Sh105,000,000 jackpot bonus.

The 41-year-old bodaboda operator said that he placed his bet as usual and went about doing his business until he got a surprise phonecall informing him that he had won.

Odibets launched a mega jackpot of Sh105,000,000 in February this year.

To take part and have a chance to win the jackpot, one must first register on the Odibets platform and have at least Sh95 in their account.

If one correctly predicts all the 17 match results, then you automatically become the lucky winner of the Sh105,000,000 Mega Jackpot. Consolation prizes are also awarded for correctly predicting 16, 15,14, 13 or 12 match results.

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