Memes are a unifying factor in Kenya

Memes should be included under the unifying symbols in Kenya. 

Kenyans will up in arms in some online war, either internal or external with very high probability of winning more-so external ones. Tanzanians have been reported to scold on of their own who tried to start an online war with Kenya. It’s a new trend that’s come with social media and is bringing the best and the worst out of people. Most clearly is the Meme culture that Kenyans have adopted. There are new memes coming up every day, after every major incident.

One thing I would like to note is how Kenyans will discuss characteristics or stereotypes associated with different tribes in a humorous way. My Kisii friend is most likely to laugh when I tag them on a meme showing how Kisiis are famous for night running. I will laugh when my Luo friend sends me a meme of Kikiyu food and I will most likely reiterate with an infidelity one. 

I have seen the worst of stereotypes shared across the tribes but you will find more laugh reactions than angry ones. Meme is a language Kenyans have adopted to speak the harsh truths or realities in a way they pass the message with minimal or no irritation. 

We have been at it bashing each tribe with their music and appreciating others. Creating both the need to improve even as we laugh about it.  You will not miss one created in bad taste here and there but most of them will leave you laughing. 

All this only proves one thing, we can co-exist even with our differences. We can laugh and learn from each other. Our differences should not separate us more so when elections come. If I can laugh and make jokes about my Kamba friend and they do not get offended, politics or campaigns should not be any different. 

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