Meet the LG Ceiling Fan, Biochemically Designed to Fit Your Relaxation and Health Needs

They say water is life but air is life too. The air we breathe has everything to do with our health. It determines our body temperatures, how our body loses water and the general atmospheric feel around ourselves and living rooms.

Given that home is where all the stories begin and where our hearts are, it should be a place that we always long to be; the air is purified, safe and healthy. This is where the LG Ceiling Fan comes in.

This Fan is biomechanically designed with unique wings that are inspired by the nature of the fins of a Humpback whale swimming silently across the blue sea. The design is so unique that it makes it easy and possible for air to flow efficiently bringing your living room a sea-like breeze.

The magic of the LG Ceiling Fan lies in the ability to efficiently distribute and mix wind creating the most pleasant, natural, and uniform airflow. Its lower and steady Turbulence Intensity prevents the user from feeling the gust of wind irritating their eyes or other disturbances that might arise as a result of unpleasant airflow. The air, therefore, is smooth, and silent and all you feel is the comfortable cooling effect that it emits.

We all buy and install fans for them to serve us efficiently and for a long time without breaking down. With this in mind, LG Ceiling Fan comes with double insulation that reduces the possibilities of shock hazards and fire. The premium motor inside it provides the ultimate performance with high efficiency and less noise.

Who wants a fan that prevents them from sleeping peacefully? Nobody wants that. LG Ceiling Fan lets one determine when they want to sleep by putting it on “Sleep Mode”.

The LG ThinQ  “smart feature” allows you to control, monitor, and diagnose from anywhere. You can turn ON your Fan when you are on your way home for you to find it cooler as well as switch off if you forgot it ON. This smart feature lets you sleep better by regulating the speed automatically to match your comfort level.

What is more, its premium and Uni-Body design makes it easy to maintain as well as enables convenient cleaning, thanks to its highest flexural modulus from LG’s Chem’s ABS. Its LED display is perfect for checking the settings you need.

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