Little Voices, Big Impact: Kids Speak Up Against GBV with “Activate Nairobi” in Korogocho

In the heart of Korogocho’s Daniel Comboni Primary School, a powerful message is creatively passed through laughter and vibrant performances during the “16 Days of Activism” campaign under “Activate Nairobi.” Thanks to the Italian Institute of Culture (IIC) and Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), children’s voices are becoming a mighty tool to combat gender-based violence (GBV).

A youth-led Social Justice Travelling Theatre is changing the narrative. Instead of viewing children as passive listeners, they are empowering them to become advocates against GBV. The campaign recognizes the potential of these little voices to drive change, making them active participants in the mission for a safer and more equal future.

In a lively fusion of theatre and fun skits performed in simple Kiswahili, the youth group is educating Comboni School students about gender equality and why GBV is never okay. By making these crucial lessons entertaining and relatable, the campaign ensures that the children not only understand but remember the importance of kindness and respect.

Adding a touch of glamour to the fun performance young illustrator Ms Giulia Mezzadri’s live performance is set to enhance the show. Her presence brings an extra layer of excitement, proving that learning about serious issues can happen in the midst of laughter and music.

Activate Nairobi challenges the norm by starting GBV sensitization early. While typically aimed at adults, the campaign recognizes the profound impact of teaching children about respect and equality from the beginning. The belief is simple: by nurturing these values early on, the youth are sowing the seeds for a future free from violence.

It’s not just about the performances. The goal is to create a lasting impact on these young minds. Activate Nairobi, with the support of IIC and AICS, aims to instill values that will guide these children as they grow, fostering a community that rejects GBV and embra ces equality.

As the children of Comboni School laugh, learn, and participate, Activate Nairobi proves that the fight against GBV can be both educational and enjoyable. Through the combined efforts of youth-led initiatives, the Italian sponsors, and the infectious enthusiasm of Ms Giulia Mezzadri, these 16 days of activism are transforming children into ambassadors of change, proving that little voices can indeed create a big impact.

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