KNCCI presidential candidate Dr. Ruto launches his manifesto

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) presidential candidate Dr. Eric Ruto and his running mate Mustafa Ramadhan have launched their manifesto.

Dubbed “Transforming the chamber” the manifesto focuses on transforming KNCCI to its lost glory as the trade support institution of choice for the business sector.

The manifesto is anchored on six pillars including advocacy, networking and collaboration, institutional strengthening, economic diplomacy, market linkages and inclusivity which the new leadership believes will provide the chamber with the booster to achieve its mandate and offer services to its membership.

“In a world that is constantly changing, it is my vision that by working together we can build a chamber that is able to adapt, prioritize and effectively meet the wants and needs of its membership, partners  and Kenya’s economy,” says Chamber Presidential Candidate Dr Eric Rutto.

He adds that economic diplomacy will become the engine of achieving his vision which includes elevating Kenya’s position in the international stage and brand it as the prefeRred investment destination with attractive trade relations with other states. Dr. Ruto adds that he will ride on existing agreements the East Africa Community, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) as a way of increasing trade amongst regional and continental states which he laments is still below potential and holds the single largest opportunity for Kenya’s exports.

The duo have promised to cement the position of women in business, youth in business and people living with disabilities into the chambers memorandum and articles of association (MEMARTS) making it impossible to sideline this segment as has been the case under the outgoing regime. To that effect they have agreed that this will be the first memorandum to move following their election on the 8th of August.

Vice presidential candidate Mustafa Ramadhan said the new leadership will move to instil values in governance so that the chamber can function effectively and improve its relations with members and partners.

“The right governance structure is also a critical component for administration and instituting reforms to encourage transparency, accountability and sustainable economic growth,” Mustafa Ramadhan added.

Ultimately the duo say they are committed to helping the chamber realize the dreams of its forefathers where it will be the preferred platform of choice for its businesses when they need a favourable commercial, trade and investment environment that supports enterprise expansion.

The chamber will head to elections on 8th June when Dr Eric Rutto and Mustafa Ramadhan will face off with the outgoing Chamber president Richard Ngatia and his running mate Abdulwalli Shariff.

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