Kenya Airways Resumes Direct Weekly Cargo Flights to New Delhi

National carrier Kenya Airways (KQ), freight division KQ Cargo, has announced the resumption of its cargo services to New Delhi. The first cargo flight to resume from New Delhi landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), on 21st February 2021, carrying pharmaceuticals, machinery and general merchandise from New Delhi.

The weekly service will also serve to support Kenya’s and intra-African export market and provide a welcome lifeline to many local businesses reliant on overseas markets. Dick Murianki Kenya Airways Cargo Director says that KQ Cargo has rapidly scaled up its cargo services in an effort to address the growing need for air frieght across the continent and will be connecting the ever-increasing number of international markets to help maintain and replenish essential supplies.

“The resumption of direct weekly cargo flights from Nairobi to New Delhi, is an indication of the integral part KQ plays in providing logistics solutions to our customers based on our robust world class handling infrastructure and strong network footprint in Africa. Key items to be uplifted from India include pharmaceutical and medical products, machinery, sports goods and general cargo. KQ Cargo will continue to offer seamless connections in India to Nairobi, and the rest of Africa, including destinations such as Accra, Ghana; Lagos, Nigeria; and Lilongwe, Malawi,” said Dick Murianki KQ Cargo Director

Kenya Airways continues to diversify its services while responding to the ongoing demand for cargo across the globe. As the global economies continue to steadily rebound, the national carrier continues to leverage on the strengths of multiple industries going forward.

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