Jackpot Bonus and 3 Other Bonuses that Make OdiBets the Best for Betting Fanatics

Bonus is a word that brings joy to betting fanatics across the globe, and for a good reason. Bonuses come in different forms be it free bets, cashback, or jackpot winnings. Kenya’s leading betting firm Odibets has gained plaudits from punters in the country for their lucrative bonuses.

The betting firm boasts of a sign-up bonus for new customers that register. The sign-up bonus which is normally a Sh30 free bet is normally awarded to new customers in a bid to welcome them on the site.

The other bonus is the App download bonus, this particular offer is normally awarded to customers once they download the Odibets app. The bonus is normally awarded once a punter downloads the Odibets app and places a bet of Sh30 and above.

Another type of bonus that is normally of interest to betting fanatics is the cashback bonus.

This bonus entails giving back 30% of the customers’ stake once they lose their first bet of the day. 

For jackpot fanatics, Odibets offers a bonus once you get 12-16 correct predictions, and to add icing on the cake, one gets a bonus if they get all the predictions wrong – zero predictions.

Barely five months after the launch of Odibets Mega Jackpot several lucky winners have walked away with various bonuses for correct predictions.

One lucky winner is John Ngumi a bodaboda operator who correctly predicted 15 match outcomes out of the possible 17 on the Odibets Mega Jackpot. John managed to walk away with Sh2,164,000 which was a bonus of the Sh105,000,000 grand prize.

Early last month, seven lucky punters became overnight millionaires after correctly predicting 15 match outcomes. With a stake of only Sh95, the lucky winners were able to win Sh1,000,213 courtesy of the Odibets Mega Jackpot.

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