New Music Alert: Itakuwa Sawa by Miss Kuria

Known for her sultry voice and killer vocals, Miss Kuria has released the video to her empowering song Itakuwa Sawa.

Itakuwa Sawa talks about everyday’s life struggles and with depression cases being reported to be on a rise as a result; this song is an assurance that things will be okay, even after it’s all been said and done, never give up. 

Miss Kuria says, “it’s time we spoke about depression, we are losing very many youths, just recently, we lost an actor, it is heartbreaking. As a people we need to have a culture of caring for one another, check on people you love on a regular, communicate, find out how they are fairing from time to time.” 

She had this to say about her new song, “With hope, everyone can live beyond what they’re capable of, even when it seems impossible, relax..itakuwa sawa!”

The song was produced by Safejoe at Safecon Music studios. Watch the song below.

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