If He Asks You How Many Exes You Have, The Answer Should Always Be Two

Recently a friend sent me this incredibly hilarious audio of a guy offering advice in rule form to women on how to handle men- from boyfriends to sponsors in 2020 in general. Rule number 15 states that when a woman is asked by the current catch how many men she’s been with, the standard answer should be two no matter what- the ex she recently broke up with, and his childhood lover.

Now, this advice is incredibly silly but at the same time ironically sage. Why? 

Most men simply can’t imagine being with a woman who has conquests under her belt. A man would rather believe the woman he is with is ‘virginal and pure’ rather than face the fact that she is a sexual being, and this could mean sometimes she has or will be tempted or want to explore her sexuality disregarding societal norms or expectations imposed.

Society, in general, is not kind to women who flaunt their sexuality. They are viewed as social pariahs with extreme repercussions following them. In turn, this has forced women to lie and learn the art of dipping their toes in the sexual realm while appearing virginal as they can get away with. 

The paradox in this situation is two people who are together with a lie in between them. The woman, who has experimented, lived and still might be relieving her sexual fantasies in every way possible and the man who thoughtlessly chooses to assume the woman’s sexuality to oblivion and look at her through tainted glasses where she is pure and flawless rather than the human being she is- flawed and imperfect like him. 

At the end of the day, there will be double standard and hypocrisy galore going around, and men and women will clamber to play their roles, each driven with personal agendas. A man will want a good woman who’s been able to keep her legs shut while a woman will want her dream guy and will shamelessly lie about her sexual prowess to get her prize. 

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