How to practice Yoga and meditation with Huawei connected products

For a long time, digital distraction and high tech apparel appeared to be the opposite of a healthy lifestyle but nowadays, fitness tracking technology and new innovative devices such as smartwatches and online applications on smartphones have become a necessity to live a healthy lifestyle.  

In today’s techy world, using multiple devices at the same time became “the new normal”. The challenge is to use all this arsenal of smart devices and let them interconnect smoothly and seamlessly for a best user experience. 

As healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular among users, Huawei products, and services through Huawei AI Seamless life are all about enabling users to lead a healthy and stylish lifestyle. If you’re a passionate yoga practitioner, you certainly need to utilize the best components to completely appreciate the benefit of yoga. The ultimate yoga gear today does not include only your Yoga mat and sportswear but it adds also the whole arsenal of your smart devices and services such as smartphones, earphones, watches, speakers, yoga apps, etc. Thanks to its Huawei AI Seamless life strategy, you can easily use the whole Huawei ecosystem to enjoy the best experience that you can get during your yoga or meditation sessions. 

It is well known that music and sounds are key elements that can improve your workout performance. Yoga and meditation especially rely a lot on the type and quality of the music during the sessions. Huawei products, audio devices, and cloud services such on our Huawei Devices and Audios can work seamlessly together in order to help your body and mind to immerse completely and get the best of your session.

For Yoga ambient music, you can use your Huawei ID and smartphone to connect to HUAWEI Music. For the best music experience, don’t hesitate to use HUAWEI Music which is an amazing service platform with variety of music. This music streaming service lets you enjoy a high-quality music experience by browsing songs in its enormous database including radio channels and playlists categorized by mood. 

In order to enhance your daily Yoga and meditation experience at home and immerse yourself within the flow of the music, HUAWEI Sound X is the right choice for a home audio solution. 

This interactive loudspeaker co-engineered with Devialet blends first-rate aesthetics with exquisite artistry. All you need to do is tap your smartphone onto the HUAWEI Sound X, and watch the magic of songs automatically play from the six powerful full-frequency tweeters that are evenly distributed in a ring. The powerful device minimizes sound distortion for an immersive audio experience at home. 

Alternatively, if you are a busy workaholic and have no other choice than to squeezing your yoga and mediation sessions into your lunch break. It is important for you then to set up an ideal environment for relaxation. In this case, HUAWEI Freebuds Pro earphones are your best friends. With these high tech devices with stunning audio quality no need to stress yourself about finding a quiet place in your workplace. The smart earphones feature an intelligent dynamic active noise cancellation that does not only cancel noise but also adapts to your surroundings. Additionally, you can switch between three noise cancellation modes – Ultra Mode, Cozy Mode, and General Mode.

The cause of stress in our modern life emerge from many obligations we have to handle such as juggling between job, kids, and other activities. Enjoying stress-free activities become primordial for our mental and physical health. That’s why wellbeing activities such as Yoga has become very important in our daily lifestyle. Brands like Huawei have understood the importance of it and are working continuously to enhance the user experience from a health and wellbeing perspective. The Huawei’s mature ecosystem based on Huawei AI Seamless life AI Life strategy is a great example of how to connect all your smart devices, share data or have a single point of control for all of them to facilitate and enhance a healthy activity such as Yoga or meditation. In today’s frantic life, juggling and multitasking can be less stressful by using Huawei’s products and services which are based on an integrated ecosystem enabling all devices and services to interact smoothly for the best user experience. 

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