Going to the gym or cafe? LG’s wearable air purifier is cool

Physical exercise is one of the best ways to keep healthy and fit. But health restrictions due to Covid-19 have not only limited social interactions but also physical activities that are an essential part of daily life. Being active including regular is crucial to a healthy lifestyle. 

With the pandemic, going about normal errands and leisure activities like shopping and meeting friends for coffee has become challenging. Air pollution is another major challenge. The air we breathe contains many pollutants like dust as well as microbes like viruses, bacteria and fungi, also known as ambient air pollution. 

The World Health Organization defines ambient air pollution as potentially harmful pollutants emitted by industries, households and vehicles, with fine particulate matter considered the most dangerous. Such pollutants cause 4.2 million deaths globally every year due to lung cancer, chronic respiratory illness, stroke and heart disease. 

Using the unique UVnano technology, LG Electronics has launched innovative wearable and non-wearable devices that enhance safety in your social space. 

This unique technology is designed to combine comfort and safety as you go about your daily activities but is also environmentally friendly. For maximum protection from inhaling air contaminated by viruses, the LG PuriCare wearable can be worn as a face mask with an air purifier that kills germs. It is equipped with a Total Allergen Removal Filter.

This wearable air purifier is an easy maintenance protective kit that can be cleaned for re-use by simply putting it in a case using UV-C LED light to destroy harmful microbes. 

LG wireless earbuds feature UVnano LED that cleans the buds and therefore rhymes well with an active and healthy lifestyle outdoors. 

Wearing earbuds for long has been shown to increase the risk of ear infection by obstructing wax. Earbuds also provide a good environment for bacteria and other microbes to accumulate. To prevent painful ear infections, one is advised to regularly sanitize earbuds. 

You don’t have to keep doing that with the LG Tone Free which comes with a charging cradle equipped with UVnano technology that kills bacteria on the ear buds in minutes while charging. You can listen to your favorite grooves while on the treadmill while enjoying a high quality audio experience. 

LG wearables reveal the intimate link between technology and healthy living, while maintaining an active lifestyle.  The buds can last six hours after charging and with their easy maintenance, give you peace of mind while outdoors with family and friends.  

The great advantage of wearables over other devices is that they are more personal to the user and have an emotional connection with the person wearing them. Self-cleaning earbuds are what the avid outdoor fan who is conscious of their health and safety.

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