Food for Education Expands Mission to Feed 350,000 Children Daily as Schools Reopen

As the new school term kicks off, Food for Education has announced the expansion of its school feeding program in five counties: Nairobi, Kiambu, Muranga, Mombasa, and Kisumu. This initiative aims to reach 350,000 children daily, doubling the organization’s impact from the previous year, when they served 165,000 children daily.

This expansion aligns with Food for Education’s commitment to creating healthier and more nourished children in underserved urban, peri-urban, and rural areas. The organization currently operates 53 semi-centralized kitchens, 15 decentralized kitchens, and 18 centralized kitchens, 8 of which were launched in Nairobi County this week through the Dishi na County program.  

“Centralized kitchens, a cornerstone of this expansion, will play a pivotal role in scaling school feeding, enabling the provision of nutritious meals to more students efficiently than ever before,’’ said Wawira Njiru, Food for Education’s Founder and Executive Director

Furthermore, the program contributes to thriving local economies by creating nearly 3,000 jobs, demonstrating its multifaceted impact, addressing the crucial issue of childhood hunger, and fostering employment opportunities in the regions it serves.

Innovative technology is at the forefront of this initiative, introducing Tap2Eat, a digital mobile platform utilizing cutting-edge FinTech. This invention empowers public primary school children with seamless access to nutritious food. Parents can conveniently make micro-payments for subsidized school lunches using mobile money, a nearly 100% penetration system in Kenya. The payment is credited to a virtual wallet linked to an NFC-technology-enabled smart wristband, enabling students to ‘tap to eat’ in under 5 seconds.

“This streamlined and efficient process ensures a quick and easy way for students to access meals and contributes to the overall success of Food for Education’s mission. We are excited about the positive impact this innovative approach will have on the well-being and educational journey of the children it serves,’’ said Wawira Njiru.

Since its inception, Food for Education has served 31 million meals. This year, due to its expansion into the five counties, Food for Education aims to serve over 60 million meals, accelerating its commitment to fostering optimal growth and development among the youth and creating a healthier and more nourished learning environment.

Food for Education remains steadfast in its mission to ensure that every child has access to nutritious meals, laying the foundation for a brighter and healthier future. Ultimately, the organization is creating the blueprint for school feeding to ensure the sustainable scale of the program throughout Africa. 

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