Berlin-based celebrated Dj Angelo launches Reloop Dj brand Kenya

Leading Experiential Marketing Agency 33 Beats Limited in partnership with Sound Creations has today launched the Reloop DJ brand at an event attended by top-rated Berlin-based DJ Angelo, in his capacity as Reloop Brand Ambassador.

The Reloop DJ Development Centre off Kiambu Road was also officially opened during the event, as a learning place of excellence that will offer wholesome training to DJs.

“This is my first time in Africa, and I look forward to a fruitful visit where I will share as much as I know about the German DJ scene and also hope to learn about Kenyan and African music, culture and DJ industry. I hope to meet as many Kenyan DJs as possible to take notes from them and even carry Kenyan music with me when I go back home,” said DJ Angelo.

Among the innovative products to be launched during DJ Angelo’s visit under the Reloop Brand include the Reloop Mixer which goes for KES 160,000, Reloop 7,000 Series turntable for KES 65,000, Reloop 8,000 Series for KES 85,000 and CD Controller for KES 85,000.

The Reloop brand is highly regarded and used in Europe as it is considered to have high quality standards which are compatible with some of the top of the line DJ hardware currently in the market.

The DJ Development Centre will have 10 students per session and will teach students the art and business of Deejaying, and at the end of the course the graduates will be tested with gigs and be given opportunities to put their new found skills to use.

“Deejaying, just like any other career, needs proper training and a proper foundation for aspiring DJs to not only have long prosperous careers, but financially fulfilling ones too. I am glad that Kenyans are now taking this as a serious career and giving those who want to pursue it a chance to do so to the best of their ability,” said Frank Weya, Director, 33 Beats Limited.

During his stay, DJ Angelo will showcase his skills at different clubs and events in Nairobi including the 5th Edition of the Ongea Eastern Africa Music Summit. He will also hold a mentorship session for Kenyan DJs.

DJ Angelo is touring Nairobi from 18th to 24th February 2020.

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