Cash Out Iko! Odibets Introduces New Game-changing Feature

One of Kenya’s leading betting firms Odibets has introduced a new cash-out feature that is set to change the game in the betting industry. The cash out feature allows one to take an early payout on their bets before they are settled, meaning one is able to get money back before the event is over and their bet is ultimately settled in advance.

The amount offered for the cash out will reflect in the “My bets” segment on the Odibets platform and will be based on the odds of the games at the time one chooses to go for the cash-out option.

“We decided to introduce this unique feature on our platform in order to give our customers a good user experience and also to heed to calls from punters across the country who wanted the cash-out feature,” said Odibets lead bookmaker Daniel Macharia.

After cashing out, one’s initial bet is considered settled and will no longer appear on one’s open bets.

Terms and Conditions for the Odibets cash-out

1. Cash out is available on all events, fixtures, and markets both pre-match, live betting, single and multiple bets.

2. Any stake amount can qualify for a cash-out.

3. Cash-out is available across all online channels: Browser, mobile app, and desktop.

Early this year, Odibets launched a mega jackpot of Sh105,000,000.

Through the jackpot, Odibets has made several betting fanatics lucky winners after correctly predicting the outcomes of several matches thus scooping several bonuses.

One lucky winner is John Ngumi a bodaboda operator who correctly predicted 15 match outcomes out of the possible 17 on the Odibets Mega Jackpot. John managed to walk away with Sh2,164,000 which was a bonus of the Sh105,000,000 grand prize.

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