Battle of the Wills

She sprints over the debris of stones littered in the abandoned building heart pounding, sweat slinking all over her body. She knows they are not that far. They are a rat chase away from catching her. She can sense them. What to do? She can’t keep running all her life. It is now or never.

Body hunched in the entrance of the abandoned building, she removes her beloved sword from its sheath. Eyes closed expelling breaths to calm her heart, she offers heavenly prayers as she waits to wage battle on her own demons. It is now or never, she whispers to herself as she spots them rounding the corner heading towards her.

They are veiled in amour of the finest steel with matching gauntlets streaked with dried blood. Her blood. It is time they pay up for taking so much from her. Time to pay for all the time she spent running or hiding. Fear, Defeat, Inferiority and Laziness have to pay. It doesn’t matter how veiled they are-she has to gut them down today.

With a war-like cry, she meets them halfway crushing into them with all her strength, teeth bore out ferociously.

Fear throws the first punch. In a mocking voice, he tells her she cannot defeat him, she is neither strong enough nor well-built and besides she is just but a lowly woman; what can she do to him?

She starts believing him. How many times has she fought him and still he has managed to beat her fair and square? What can she do that she has never done before? She is weak after all and well, is there any need to even try again?

Yes she hears the distant whisper. It is Courage from the other side of the abandoned building. He looks frail and weak but his voice is strong with conviction as he speaks out again. Yes you have to try. You have it in you. You just don’t know it. And besides today it may be a different outcome. Do not listen to Fear. He is scared of you. Actually afraid of your power- that is why he looks for ways to pin you down. Don’t give him satisfaction. Rise like the warrior you are. Rise! His voice booms out loud and   clear washing over her with courage and confidence.

With renewed confidence in herself and courage, she lashes out at Fear, shielding away, Inferiority, Defeat and Laziness born from Fear himself. If she can defeat Fear, she will be done away with them too.

The battle is gruesome. Fear knows all her weakness. He knows all her fears, inferiority complex tendencies and he releases it all out on her.

Give up little girl. You are no match for me. You are weak. You are a loser, always have been always will be. Look around you, see the evidence. I say relinquish and accept your fate. You are no match for me. Why you even fight me is silly. You will be happy accepting Defeat- after all you do wear my son well.

NO! She cries out with savage righteousness. You have taken enough from me. No more. With that, she raises her sword; it sweeps in an arch aiming for Fear’s head.  She misses it by an inch but she pursues him and his sons’. This time she will not give up. She will not give Fear the satisfaction anymore. Courage and Confidence have joined the fray now. They are worn out. But with every nick of their swords on Fear and his sons’, they gain more strength and health stolen from them by Fear.

The battle of the wills can be heard far and wide. People have come to watch from afar. They are even betting. They are betting on Fear and his minions. They are sure they will win- after all they have witnessed this fight so many times and it always ends the same; Fear on top of her.

She hears the crowd’s jeering. She knows who they are jeering at; her. It does not matter. She dances with her sword blocking and striking every blow from Fear. She has her back against Courage and Confidence as they face their opponents.

Blood and sweat mingle with the cries exuded from the combatants. The sun is beating down on them as if urging them to wrap it all up before she sets in for the night.

You are not going to defeat- , Fear starts but he does not finish his sentence.

She has struck him true and on point in his dark heart. Balking from the shock and choking from his own blood, Fear falls down first on his knees and then completely down dying immediately his face frozen in surprise.

She has won at last. Part of her registers the anguish cries of Fear’s children as they see their father being felled before all going quiet as Courage and Confidence deal them the same fate as their father.

The crowd stops their jeering and look at her in awe before erupting in applaud. If she has dealt with her nemesis, Fear, does that mean too, they can deal with their nemeses as well? Do they dare? Yes Hope simply whispers swooping to each individual brandishing his sword. Yes. He is joined with Courage and Confidence and they look at the crowd with encouraging smiles pointing back at her. Silently the crowd gets the message.

If she dared to fight her nemesis and stopped running to face him- Fear, what makes them think they can’t do the same?

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