A Man will only lead the woman he wants to

Many a times, women struggle in relationships waiting for a man to commit and do right by her. We see women going far and beyond for a relationship to ‘work’. Question is, do you, as a woman, know what your place is in that relationship?

God did not say that the man is head and the woman is the neck for no reason and until a woman understands this, she will keep chasing men, trying to fix things, which will eventually frustrate her because it is not in her place to do so. A woman is not built to fix things; that’s a man’s job!

The man has, and will always be the head and if he is not leading you as a woman, where are you going? Eeeh? If a man does not set the tone for the relationship, it’s not your job as woman to do so. Just like the neck, your job is to support the head. Let the man take the lead, then you support. I know some people would say there is nothing wrong in allowing the woman to take lead as gender roles have changed over time and yes, they have, but not under this context.

Funny to say that it’s not that men don’t know exactly what to do; they hell know too well, but will only do it for the woman they want to. If a man feels that you are not worthy of his commitment, he will not. It does not matter how long you have been together, how gorgeous you are, how nice and kindhearted you are etc. he still, will not give you a clear direction for the relationship. And what happens? You are left in a limbo. Not good. And if you are a woman that is of high value (in terms of who you are as a person, the way you carry yourself and the way you treat others) and you truly know that you deserve to know ‘what are we’, (by the way, the fact that you have to ask this is answer enough as to what you are LOL), even after being with him for a significant period of time, then you will do the honorable thing and leave with your respect and dignity. It will be his loss anyway if he did not recognize how much of a value woman you were. On the flip, if you are a woman that does not recognize her worth, then you will stay. You will stay because of good sex, maybe? You will stay because he is providing for you, maybe? You will stay because you still want to go on holiday and take Instagram photos with him, maybe? You will stay because ‘I’m patient with him and I don’t want to give him pressure’, maybe? But guess what? He will still not give you a clear direction.

Men are very strategic with their moves. He will not want to commit to you but he will still string you along because of the convenience and benefits you are giving him; cooking, cleaning, sex, companionship etc. until he finds the one he wants to put in work for.

When a man is sure about a woman, he will not wait for her to ask ‘what are we’ because he already knows and is already showing her what her place is in his life. This way, the tone has already been set, he has already shown you the direction in which that relationship is headed and will do whatever it takes to keep it moving.

So, here is the take away, if a man is not leading you, you have no business following him. Safe yourself the time and energy, stop leading men.

Disclaimer: This does not apply if you are not in for long term and are just there for temporary fun, enjoy while it lasts!

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